Courier at the door? Check the package!

Courier at the door? Check the package! The procedure for accepting a parcel from a courier company Carefully checked, professionally packed and shipped with the support of a trusted, seasoned courier company. We check all packages that leave our warehouse multiple times at various stages of the process. Also, the courier, when collecting the package […]

What is the process of accepting a delivery from a customer at e-Packman?

What is the process of accepting a delivery from a customer at e-Packman? In a previous article about integrating with our system, we explained what it looks like to start working with any new client. However, this is only the first step. Once the integration is complete, the regular point of cooperation is to accept […]

How to make it easier to integrate your store with e-Packman?

How to make it easier to integrate your store with e-Packman? The time has come in the development of your e-commerce business that you have decided to outsource logistics to e-Packman. . Congratulations, it is a very good decision! It will save you a lot of time and money. However, on the way there is […]

New special book offer

Special book offer Hello Publisher! Hello, Writer! Do you write books or deal with publishing? Do you have your own store where you sell them? You do not have time to independently supervise the entire delivery process and you lose your nerves with each subsequent complaint or complaint about the courier? With us, you will […]

Special pricelist for new companies

Special pricelist for new companies Take your first steps in business with e-Packman! Your company has just started operating on the market? Do you need a comprehensive logistics service? You’ve come to a great place! The E-Packman company offers you its services in terms of no logistic minimum! With us you will spread your e-commerce […]

New subcontractor – Aramex

New subcontractor – Aramex We are pleased to announce that from April 2021 r. Aramex joined the group of our subcontractors An international logistics and courier organization, founded as an express operator in the United Arab Emirates in 1982 in Amman, Jordan. Currently, their headquarters are in Dubai, and moreover, they can boast nearly 600 […]

Commencement of cooperation with Poczta Polska

Commencement of cooperation with Poczta Polska We are very happy to announce that from March 2021 r. Poczta Polska, one of the largest companies of the State Treasury based in Warsaw, has joined the group of e-Packman subcontractors. It provides postal and courier services throughout the country, and also acts as an intermediary in trade […]

New warehouse

Announcement We have been providing logistic and courier services on the Polish market since 2018. We not only send and store goods, but also make sure that their delivery is efficient and safe. We also support e-commerce on a daily basis. The most important for us are the satisfaction and trust of our customers, so […]

Record in packing and plan for ’21

Daily record of packed packages 11.11.2021 – 2130 pieces! We have been operating on the market of logistics services for e-commerce since 2018, and the service of our clients’ orders includes, among others storage of goods as well as packing and shipping. We try to ensure that your customers never have to wait long for […]

New client – blog ojciec

New client – blog ojciec Kamil Nowak– author of the widely read blog, in which he addresses the issues of parenthood. A trained teacher, he provides advice to parents on how best to deal with their children. In his waters and in his upbringing, he always tries to approach issues with a distance. He […]