Commencement of cooperation with Poczta Polska

We are very happy to announce that from March 2021 r. Poczta Polska, one of the largest companies of the State Treasury based in Warsaw, has joined the group of e-Packman subcontractors. It provides postal and courier services throughout the country, and also acts as an intermediary in trade in communication and logistics services. It focuses on the most promising areas of activity, which include, inter alia, parcels, finances and activities for the public administration. It has about 7,600 branches, post offices and agencies throughout the country, and the vast majority of citizens on the domestic market use its services. In addition, it provides digital services, supported by the Envelo online platform. In addition to a large number of customers using the services, the company can be proud of the title of Trustworthy Employer as a company friendly to people with disabilities.

The traditions of Poczta Polska date back over 450 years, which makes it the oldest and the most trusted organized postal company in the country. The distances covered by postmen (1,000,000 kilometers per day) and courier cars (500,000 kilometers per day) are also a considerable achievement, as well as the prestigious first place in the ranking of the most valuable Polish brands of the service sector. Moreover, it is the most prominent (1st place on the TOP Brand competition list). It allows for cashless payments on delivery and posting in approximately 8,500 terminals. It also employs over 700,000 people, and also has 7 Poczta Polska companies. He also conducts commercial activities in the field of philately.