Courier at the door? Check the package!

The procedure for accepting a parcel from a courier company

Carefully checked, professionally packed and shipped with the support of a trusted, seasoned courier company. We check all packages that leave our warehouse multiple times at various stages of the process. Also, the courier, when collecting the package from us, certifies that the shipment is undamaged and in good condition. We are sure of the quality of what we do, and yet … it is always worth checking the package when accepting it from the courier.

What to look for?

Before collecting the parcel, it must be carefully inspected – in the presence of the courier, before confirming the receipt of the parcel. In the case of cash on delivery shipments, it is a good idea to do so immediately after signing the documents. Check that the carton is not damaged in any way. Check the packaging for any dents, holes, „harmonica” in the corners. Check that the package does not make sounds suggesting damage to the contents.

Why is this so important? Accepting the parcel from the courier without comments and signing the bill of lading is tantamount to confirming the receipt of the goods intact.

What to do when there is something wrong with the shipment?

So it happened. The packaging of the package is damaged and possibly the contents too. What to do? You have two options. You can:

Why these formalities?

The damage report with photos is the basis for submitting a complaint to the forwarder. Importantly, in order for the protocol to be binding, it should be prepared within 7 days of delivery. You can use the appropriate forms for this purpose, which the courier should have with him, or comments on the bill of lading written on a copy and original and certified by both parties, i.e. the courier must also sign both copies.

If there is a problem with the package sent by us, you have noticed any damage and have drawn up a damage report, please contact us.