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Logistics specialists who, after years of working in courier and warehouse management, decided to help customers by sharing their experience and knowledge of how to optimally organize the supply chain.


Reviews on e-PACKMAN

What do our customers say?

Kamil Nowak "Blog Ojciec"
Kamil Nowak "Blog Ojciec"Wydawnictwo Book Ojciec, Lucrum Games
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There were two things I looked for in a logistics company in particular: transparency and flexibility. Unfortunately, over several years I came across various companies, and most of them were neither transparent (lots of additional, hidden fees that could increase the previously agreed rate by up to 30-40%) nor flexible (adding another product is a problem, adding another form of shipping is a problem, more shipments to celebrate the release of a new item is a problem.... in general, the problems themselves).
Patryk Mikiciuk
Patryk MikiciukPolskie Porsche
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The e-Packman company can be associated quietly with the Pacman game from the 80's and the yellow character swallowing points efficiently paving the way forward and ascending to the next higher levels, while avoiding collisions with chasing ghosts leading to a "break in the action". Why? Because it makes it easier to ascend to the next stages of my company's development while increasing the profitability of the entire business. The flexibility of stocked products that are continuously inventoried and shipped in a fast and unbeatably priced way to customers, results in our "win-win". In addition, the professional service of my online store saves time, and the contact with e-Packman is substantive and pleasant. I heartily recommend this solution.
Karol lewandowski
Karol lewandowskiBusem przez świat
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Since we started working with e-Packman, I almost forgot that we had an online store. Previously, I had to supervise shipments or sometimes personally come to the warehouse. Now our virtual assistant takes care of customer service and store administration, while e-Packman does everything else - from warehousing to ordering packaging and shipping to handling returns. And we can get on with what we like most about our work, which is collecting materials and writing more books.
Patrycja Garg
Patrycja GargInstytut Przemiany
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I started working with e-Packaman just before the launch of my new book "The Year of Awakening" and I am very happy with this choice. The greatest asset of e-Packman is its fast and professional service. I often hear from my customers - readers - that they did not expect such express delivery. Quick contact, openness to non-standard solutions, flexibility, on-the-spot packaging and on top of that competitive prices - all this makes e-Packman an ideal choice. Cooperation with this company is a big time saver for me and thousands of satisfied customers. I highly recommend Mr. Lukasz Gwiazdowski's company as a reliable partner in logistics.
Marko Živković
Marko ŽivkovićPTS Logistic Solution
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Cooperation with e-Packman is very valuable to our company. We have been partners since the beginning of our business journey and have had a very positive experience of our cooperation. The flow of information and communication has always been at the highest level, and we greatly appreciate e-Packman's willingness to respond flexibly to our requests. We look forward to growing our businesses together and being partners for a long time.
Justyna Rokicka
Justyna RokickaGodzina dla siebie
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I am the author of books, guides and psycho-educational materials for parents "An Hour for Myself" and owner of an online store. Although we have been working with e-Packman for a short time, I can already say a lot of good things about this company and the benefits for me and my business. First of all, I have gained a lot of time, which I can devote to the development of my business, and I don't have to waste it on all the logistics, packing and sending shipments 🙂 In addition, I get a lot of emails from satisfied customers, who are surprised how quickly since the order the shipment lands in their hands. This definitely builds trust and commitment from my customers and translates into them being willing to order more products from me. I can say that time is money so it's simply worth it to use the services of such a professional and dedicated company.
Cyprian Gajda
Cyprian GajdaMinisterstwo Zieleni
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On behalf of Ministry of Greenery - a company providing services in the field of arranging green spaces,I would like to express my appreciation for the cooperation with e-packman, which for nearly 2 years has been taking care of the logistics of greenery for our clients. The services provided to us cover several of Poland's largest cities, and include work such as: transport and delivery of orders with packaging according to brand standards, responsible storage of plants, packaging of unusual and sensitive organic products, advice on optimizing the supply chain and providing reports.Employees of e-packman are characterized by professionalism, punctuality, attention to detail and, most important in this field - great knowledge of supply chain management. Thanks to cooperation with e-packman, Ministry of Greenery has noted an increase in customer satisfaction and significant savings in the delivery of products, which has translated into improved customer relations.Cooperation with e-packman perfectly harmonizes with the high standards of our customers, complementing their expectations in the area of timely and safe transportation of green solutions, which certainly translate into productivity of users of our products. With all the above in mind, I can recommend e-packman with full responsibility as a reliable and cooperative business partner.
Adam Borowiec
Adam BorowiecBlack Pearl Nails
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Being able to outsource the shipping warehouse and the order handling service itself is a huge advantage for us. This allows us to focus on other things and leave the delivery of shipments to the professionals.
Michał Paradowski
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We have been with you practically from the beginning, as we started our cooperation back in Wólczynska. Since then, your company has undergone a really big transformation, and that's a plus. All problems were discussed and repaired on an ongoing basis, thanks to good cooperation with Przemek for which a big plus. The contact with the other employees is also a big plus. If you need to fix something quickly everyone is willing to help and you can get along with everyone without any problems. After your recent warehouse move and the introduction of the WMS system it is much better. I hope that our future cooperation will continue to go as well as it does now. Translated with (free version)

Customers of e-PACKMAN



Organization of transportation with customer products (all types of cars).


Storing customers’ products on racks or pallets.


Purchase of packaging necessary for packaging of orders (envelopes, cartons, fillers, tape, ect.).

Packaging of orders

Confectioning and packaging of orders according to customer orders.

Delivery of orders

Delivery to customers in Poland, Europe and the World.

Handling of COD collections

Administration and transmission of refund amounts for cash on delivery parcels.

Handling returned packages

Receiving unclaimed parcels in stock with quality control.

Complaints handling

Filing claims with courier companies for damaged, lost packages.


Reports of parcels delivered, returned, paid, stock.

Supply chain optimization

Analysis of log chain areas. For better performance.

Customs service

Import/export product clearance.


Barcode-based warehousing, API connection to customer/web store.

Customer service

Mail and telephone communication with your customer.

Cross docking

Cross docking, or picking handling.

Contract logistics

Contract logistics also includes a range of services.


We offer an easy and clear package of services tailored to your needs.

Courier Delivery

Delivery to customers on
the territory of: Poland, Europe, World.


Storage of customers' products
on racks or pallets

Additional services

Customer service, labeling
of products, inventories


Order picking process including packaging materials
(cartons, envelopes, filler, tape)

Logistics partner network

Shipping to 19 countries

Take advantage of local delivery in many countries.

Working with us, you use the services of reputable courier companies in Poland, Europe and the World.

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