How to save on logistics?

How to increase the efficiency and performance of logistics processes?

How to increase customer satisfaction?

How can you save even more time?


Have you ever been bothered by similar questions? Or maybe you just need help in the complex world of logistics?

If so, you’ve got it right. We will help you!

We are a group of experienced specialists in logistics, especially in the courier delivery industry. Our training, work and path chosen in life has always been directed towards logistics.

We have many years of experience in areas such as:

  • courier operators,
  • warehouses,
  • Meeting up various needs of e-commerce clients.

The time has come to combine expectations and solutions in one place and make them available to customers. We provide assistance to e-commerce companies – e-shops, Allegro [a Polish online e-commerce platform] sellers and other platforms.

Are you tired of complex and complicated offers or intricate billing? Do customs or warehouse issues seem confusing?

We offer comprehensive services on easy and transparent terms, because our advantage is flexibility. It is us who will adjust to your expectations, so you will receive tailor-made services. We believe that there are no impossible things and we will always find a solution for your needs.

We stand out with our comprehensive service. With us you will find everything in one place: you do not have to cooperate with many companies, we will take it on ourselves.

Our partners are numerous companies from all areas of logistics:

  • large, reputable courier companies with global reach,
  • warehouse yards offering space for rent,
  • manufacturers of packaging, shipping and wrapping materials,
  • forwarders, drivers, individual carriers,
  • fulfillment companies similar to us, based in other countries,
  • suppliers of IT solutions dedicated to logistics,
  • data analysts,
  • customs agencies,
  • and others: employment agencies, banks, accountants, sworn translators.

Thanks to us your business will become even better.

Feel free to contact us!

The e-Packman team and the owner, Łukasz Gwiazdowski

o nas e-packman usługi logistyczne