Case study: On time and without mistakes, that is, how the cooperation with us is assessed by bloggers from

Probably everyone who is interested in travelling has heard about It’s a service run by a pair of travel bloggers who have traveled over half a million miles in their distinctive car. Since Karol and Ola Lewandowski wanted a flexible logistic solution that works well even when they are not on site, they decided to work with us. How do they evaluate their decision? is not only a huge community of travel enthusiasts (almost 200 thousand fans on Facebook) and a blog with reports from Ola and Karol’s trips, as well as advice on how to organize your own trips. It also has 8 published books (with a ninth on the way) and a thriving online store,
where you can find maps, mugs, socks, calendars, and even photography equipment and other accessories useful during various expeditions.

What began as an out-of-the-box way to live and travel is today a well-functioning business. In 2020, the service exceeded one million PLN in revenue, and that’s just from the online store. And since Karol and Ola are often not in Poland, they needed a solution that would allow for efficient order fulfillment without their personal involvement in logistics processes.

The challenge: Your own warehouse is not enough!

As the bloggers themselves admit, they previously ran their own magazine, but that solution quickly proved inadequate. First, some difficulty was the irregularity of orders. Typically, Karol and Ola’s store receives a few dozen orders a day, but there are often sudden spikes in sales. It even happens that one day there are up to several thousand orders (e.g. around Christmas or after the launch of a new book)! In such a situation, one warehouse worker was not enough and it was necessary to increase the workforce periodically, with many complications. The situation was not helped by the fact that even with increased staffing, customers were complaining of long delays in fulfilling orders.

Solution: fulfillment, or comprehensive outsourcing of logistics

“Since we started working with e-Packman, we almost forgot we had an online store.”

Ola Lewandowska,

Outsourcing logistics through e-Packman has allowed Karol and Ola to spend much less time taking care of the logistical issues associated with their online store. They no longer have to come to the warehouse or worry about having enough packaging and other accessories. They also gained confidence that all orders would be delivered on time and that returns would be handled properly.

By partnering with us, bloggers can focus on what they love most – traveling, collecting content, and writing books (with another launch coming next year!).


Why did Ola and Karol choose e-Packman?

Let’s give the floor to the stakeholders themselves:

“All the companies I came across were either very expensive, presented pricing in a convoluted way, or I had to wait weeks for their response.”

Karol Lewandowski,

Ola and Karol appreciated our offer mainly because the conditions of cooperation were transparent for them and the costs of cooperation were attractively calculated. The Lewandowskis also emphasize the ease of integrating their store with our system. And indeed, at e-Packman, we offer seamless integration with probably all e-commerce platforms available on the market, including Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, Shoplo, SkyShop and many more. We also help manage and fulfill orders placed through Allegro, Amazon and eBay.

Benefits of cooperation

“Since we started this partnership, we have not received a single email of complaint about shipping.”

Karol Lewandowski,

This is probably the best summary of the benefits of working with us! Previously, when bloggers had their own magazine, such complaints were unfortunately quite common. The Lewandowskis often even had to turn off their commercials because they couldn’t keep up with the orders. But that’s in the past! Now orders are processed quickly and flawlessly, and those placed by noon are processed the same day. These are the standards of work in our company! And it doesn’t matter if there are 10, 100, or 1000 orders on any given day – the e-Packman team is prepared to handle even high shipping volumes!

We are able to offer you similar terms and benefits. If you run an online store or any other business that relies on regular shipping of orders to customers – write to us today and find out the details. You will receive from us a concrete and understandable proposal of cooperation, without crookedness and endless list of additional fees. We look forward to hearing from you!