New customer – Busem Przez Świat

New customer – Busem Przez Świat If an old-school, colorful Volkswagen T3 flashes before your eyes somewhere, know that it is none other than Karol and Aleksandra Lewandowski – Polish travelers and bloggers. They publish their accounts of their travels around the world on the “Bus By The World” blog. So far, they both boast […]

New warehouse

Announcement We have been providing logistic and courier services on the Polish market since 2018. We not only send and store goods, but also make sure that their delivery is efficient and safe. We also support e-commerce on a daily basis. The most important for us are the satisfaction and trust of our customers, so […]

Online store and courier company: a perfect pair.

Online store and courier company: a perfect pair. The undeniable fact is that the courier company is responsible for a large part of the store’s image. Therefore, such an important task of an e-commerce owneris the right choice of the supplier of their products. What to consider? Certainly not save by choosing cheap services. Experience […]

New client – blog ojciec

New client – blog ojciec Kamil Nowak– author of the widely read blog, in which he addresses the issues of parenthood. A trained teacher, he provides advice to parents on how best to deal with their children. In his waters and in his upbringing, he always tries to approach issues with a distance. He […]

Speed and time of delivery – The best courier

Speed and time of delivery – The best courier The speed of order fulfillment is undoubtedly an important factor when choosing a courier company with which we intend to cooperate. Many Many customers will be happy to pay more for reducing the waiting time for the purchased product. Especially when it comes to value goods […]

How to choose a courier company? Seller’s guide – part 1

How to choose a courier company? Seller’s guide – part 1 Choosing a courier company is without a doubt the first – and at the same time a milestone – step that every e-commerce store entering the market must take. As the 21st century shows, online stores are the future of trade. A,  the more […]

Cooperation with Raben

Cooperation with Raben Dear Customers, We are pleased to announce that Raben company has joined the group of our business partners! It is one of the largest logistics companies in Poland. Therefore, we are convinced that this cooperation will result in even better service of your orders. Raben Group is a Dutch company which has […]

0 waste packing

0 waste packing A lifestyle that assumes functioning without generating waste is gaining more and more followers. At a time when we are even drowning in garbage, it is worth taking care of environmental protection. We are a socially responsible company, we join this important matter and begin to change the world for the better. […]

Advertising in E-commerce magazine

Advertising in E-commerce magazine Dear Customers, Who, like us, is a fan of E-COMMERCE POLSKA magazine and noticed our advertisement in it? We are boldly moving forward! If you are not already familiar with this magazine, we highly recommend it! E-COMMERCE POLAND magazine is a real treat for everyone connected with e-commerce industry. A large […]