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Special book offer

Hello Publisher! Hello, Writer!

Do you write books or deal with publishing? Do you have your own store where you sell them? You do not have time to independently supervise the entire delivery process and you lose your nerves with each subsequent complaint or complaint about the courier? With us, you will forget about troublesome formalities once and for all. While you focus on winning new readers’ hearts, the E-Packman team will refine the entire logistics process so that every bookworm can receive a fresh, fresh, ink-smelling new edition of your book on the day of its premiere!

We dedicate our offer to all Authors and Publishers who are looking for an optimal logistics solution tailored to the needs of the book business. For customers who deal with the sale and shipment of books on a daily basis, we have prepared dedicated solutions and logistic packages at attractive prices!

Our e-commerce logistics services are used, sent by and without a doubt recommended by some of the most popular bloggers and travel book authors who travel the world behind the wheel of an old-school Volkswagen T3, i.e. Karol and Aleksandra Lewandowski with “Bus through the World” and Kamil Nowak “Blog Father”, a man who knows probably everything about the world of children’s games, games and creative education.

For our part, we focus on transparency and flexibility. No hidden fees or delays in deliveries. With a package of logistics services for shipping books, you will overtake your readers before they even have time to download the electronic version of the long-awaited novel on the phone or e-book reader. We will make sure that everyone receives their shipment quickly and efficiently. On the day of the premiere, our couriers will deliver the ordered books straight to your readers.

Save yourself time and nerves, and monitor the entire process thanks to reports that we will take care of for you! We take care of all the logistics and organization of the supply chain: from packaging, to storage and inventory, to shipping and monitoring, while you work on the next bestseller!

Pakowanie zamowien

Special pricelist for new companies

Take your first steps in business with e-Packman!

Your company has just started operating on the market? Do you need a comprehensive logistics service? You’ve come to a great place! The E-Packman company offers you its services in terms of no logistic minimum! With us you will spread your e-commerce wings!

Our experts will help you enter the market with confidence, no matter what monthly volume of shipments you want to send. We believe in your business and want to help you achieve more, which is why we focus on flexibility and transparency. We will take care of deliveries quickly and without hidden fees and formalities, so that you can focus on developing your company. Our couriers will deliver your goods to the recipient on time. We strive to make everything run smoothly, from packaging, through inventory, to delivery. For us, the most important thing is your satisfaction with the cooperation. Optimization and easy access to transport services are our priority, all in order to improve the supply chain and support the development of micro and small enterprises. We will take care of your customers via the Internet and telephone, as well as handling complaints and returns. Documentation, inventory as well as delivery and inventory reports will become your least problem. We will deliver parcels to any place in Poland, Europe and the world. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, our knowledge and gained experience, we will enable the efficient flow of documents, data and information.

This is especially important in today’s market realities. Are you among the lucky ones who run business with the PKD number 47.91.Z? Do you run an online store, purchasing platform or sell at auctions? Ask for a personalized offer without a minimum of logistics, tailored to the needs of your business!

E-packman and Packeta join forces!

Recently, we have established cooperation with a new subcontractor, which is the Czech company Packeta. They have been operating in the transport and logistics services sector for over 10 years. During this time, they managed to open nearly 3,000 branches around the world. You can find their facilities, among others in Poland, Hungary, Germany and Romania. By 2020, they opened 92,000 collection points! They act as an intermediary in e-commerce and transport.

They expanded their operations not only in Europe, but also in the United Arab Emirates (2020) and the United States (2020). Packeta is undoubtedly one of the most innovative companies in the transport and logistics sector with the first self-service Z-Bot collection point. They also introduced a new delivery service – C2C, and thanks to the improvements they had implemented in the supply chain, they received the prestigious Innovation Awards. A modern approach to business, as well as reliable organization and efficient management guaranteed Packeta the award for the best managed company.

The company’s most important values ​​are innovation, speed of delivery and responsibility. Moreover, in 2019 alone, it will break its record – they delivered 379,000 parcels in one day. Compared to the record in 2016 (61,000 parcels), this is a really great achievement. Thanks to the above-mentioned C2C service, they managed to deliver 2,000,000 parcels all over the world. They have so far transported 58,000,000 parcels and this number is still growing. It’s great to be able to work with a business leader!

Aramex logo blog

New subcontractor - Aramex

We are pleased to announce that from April 2021 r. Aramex joined the group of our subcontractors

An international logistics and courier organization, founded as an express operator in the United Arab Emirates in 1982 in Amman, Jordan. Currently, their headquarters are in Dubai, and moreover, they can boast nearly 600 branches in 65 different countries around the world.

Aramex coverage map

The main area of ​​their activity is export on an international and local scale, which is helped by openness to innovation and the ability to adapt to difficult market conditions. In addition to exporting goods, Aramex is doing great in the retail services, e-commerence and logistics sectors. Thanks to their flexibility, they can also develop new, pioneering products and services, and quickly respond to the needs of their consumers around the world. They mediate in the supply chain as couriers, inter alia, at the last level of deliveries.

They have also managed to reduce their carbon footprint since 2020 through brilliant and substantial investments in renewable energy, electric vehicles and increasing energy awareness within their company, as they highlight in their sustainability report. They combine passion and an entrepreneurial spirit at work, which results in the sustained high level of satisfaction of their customers around the world. They believe that every entrepreneur can achieve more, thanks to which nothing is impossible for them.

Polish Post logo blog

Commencement of cooperation with Poczta Polska

We are very happy to announce that from March 2021 r. Poczta Polska, one of the largest companies of the State Treasury based in Warsaw, has joined the group of e-Packman subcontractors. It provides postal and courier services throughout the country, and also acts as an intermediary in trade in communication and logistics services. It focuses on the most promising areas of activity, which include, inter alia, parcels, finances and activities for the public administration. It has about 7,600 branches, post offices and agencies throughout the country, and the vast majority of citizens on the domestic market use its services. In addition, it provides digital services, supported by the Envelo online platform. In addition to a large number of customers using the services, the company can be proud of the title of Trustworthy Employer as a company friendly to people with disabilities.

The traditions of Poczta Polska date back over 450 years, which makes it the oldest and the most trusted organized postal company in the country. The distances covered by postmen (1,000,000 kilometers per day) and courier cars (500,000 kilometers per day) are also a considerable achievement, as well as the prestigious first place in the ranking of the most valuable Polish brands of the service sector. Moreover, it is the most prominent (1st place on the TOP Brand competition list). It allows for cashless payments on delivery and posting in approximately 8,500 terminals. It also employs over 700,000 people, and also has 7 Poczta Polska companies. He also conducts commercial activities in the field of philately.


We have been providing logistic and courier services on the Polish market since 2018. We not only send and store goods, but also make sure that their delivery is efficient and safe. We also support e-commerce on a daily basis. The most important for us are the satisfaction and trust of our customers, so we try to ensure that your customers do not have to wait long to pick up the shipment, so we are looking for a new warehouse that will allow us to organize the logistics process even better.

What are we looking for?

I am happy to use the offer of renting an A + class warehouse in northern Warsaw or its vicinity. Storage space up to 500 m is preferred2to 600 m2, modern and at least 5 meters high, to enable us to build a shelf mezzanine. The floor inside the warehouse should be clean and dust-free. A heated warehouse would be a dream come true. It’s great if it will be equipped with a ramp or gate 0, which will allow us to speed up the process of receiving and loading parcels in order to be able to fulfill as many orders as possible in the shortest possible time (and break new records at the same time)! The possibility of expanding the hall in a relatively short time, if needed, is also welcome. It is also desirable to have a small office for about 4 people, located inside or directly adjacent to the hall. We want to use everything for packaging, storage and fulfillment purposes. We will want to rent a warehouse from May or June for a price of up to PLN 9,999 (PLN 17 / m2). Potential contractors regarding the announcement, please contact our office.

Record in packaging

Daily record of packed packages
11.11.2021 - 2130 pieces!

We have been operating on the market of logistics services for e-commerce since 2018, and the service of our clients’ orders includes, among others storage of goods as well as packing and shipping. We try to ensure that your customers never have to wait long for the ordered products, so we make sure that the parcels reach the recipients as soon as possible.

Packing and off you go!

From the moment when cardboard boxes with several thousand books came into our hands, we started a hard and at the same time fast packing action. Exactly on November 11, 2020. we broke our record in the execution of orders for our clients. On that day, the e-Packman team turned upside down and did their best to pack and send exactly 2,130 parcels for you in a few hours at an express pace! But that’s not all … For us, development in response to meeting the needs of our clients is definitely something more than just a hackneyed business phrase – for us it is the personality of our brand. Thanks to you, we have the opportunity to create new business models, plan more effectively and execute orders faster. In 2021. e-Packman team raises the bar and takes up the challenge in which we plan to break the last record by as much as 100% compared to the previous year and show what we can do by packing as many as 4,260 packages for you! set, Go!

Record in packaging

New client – blog ojciec

Kamil Nowak– author of the widely read blog, in which he addresses the issues of parenthood. A trained teacher, he provides advice to parents on how best to deal with their children. In his waters and in his upbringing, he always tries to approach issues with a distance. He draws from a lot of experience in advising how to be the best parent to your children. For this, he uses the experience of both his own and other parents.

He tries to acquire the most important in him. As he says about himself, “he believes that just as children learn from their parents, parents can learn many things from their children.” She tries to ensure that each party has both benefit and pleasure from parenting. It teaches to be open to the needs of the child, and the upbringing was not based on the old violence scheme and the system of punishments and rewards, but allowed the parents to teach the child and help him develop. He tries to provide support, understanding, helps parents to get to know themselves and the way in which a child should be brought up. In his opinion, the key to proper parenting lies in setting the right boundaries and rules by talking to your child and explaining why you should or should not act one way or another.

The author of the book “Ideal parent does not exist”, in which he contains his own, over ten years of parenting experience, additionally supported by the experience of other people with whom he had the opportunity to cooperate and with whom he had contact while running his blog. His publications can be found in Empik stores. It also has its own publishing house and shop selling books and games. They are carefully selected and can be an invaluable help in raising a child or be a great entertainment during family evening game sessions. Board games are especially noteworthy here, thanks to which parents will have a good time with their children and at the same time allow them to tighten ties between family members.

Profil busem przez swiat

New customer – Busem Przez Świat

If you ever see an oldschool, colorful Volkswagen T3 flash before your eyes, you should know that it is none other than Karolina and Aleksandra Lewandowski – Polish travelers and bloggers. They publish their accounts of travels around the world on the blog “Bus By World”. So far, both of them can boast having visited at least 60 countries around the world. They have been living the life of travelling nomads for almost a decade and have written 8 different books – from guides for future travellers to vademecum for newlyweds. They also run a retail business. On their website you can find a store where you can buy books, maps, mugs, travel and movie gear and many other inspiring gadgets that will win the heart of every traveler!

In addition, the bloggers of Bus Through The World are known for their online training and courses on film, travel and business. They share their stories and travel knowledge not only online, but also frequently and willingly organize events at universities, schools and participate in various festivals. Traveling and speaking is their passion and way of life, it allows them to explore and travel the world behind the wheel of a colorful bus. Thanks to their activities, they have managed to win three prestigious awards (including one from the prominent science magazine National Geographic) and a nomination for a travel award.

Profit optimization

Online store and courier company: a perfect pair.

The undeniable fact is that the courier company is responsible for a large part of the store’s image. Therefore, such an important task of an e-commerce owneris the right choice of the supplier of their products. What to consider?

Certainly not save by choosing cheap services. Experience shows that investing in a good courier can not only pay off on a regular basis, but also bring long-term profits in the form of consumer satisfaction and loyalty. In other words, a good courier means fewer unplanned costs and more unexpected profits in the form of satisfied customers.