Customized Printing

Why should you send personalized messages to your customers?

Personalisation of advertising, letters and messages is an increasingly common practice in the area of commercial activity. It came to being as a response to the increasing expectations of the customers. According to a report published by Royal Mail, as many as thirty-six percent of customers are interested in personalized products and services, and forty percent of the population between the ages of 16 and 25 stated that they would be more likely to buy a product if its advertisement happened to contain personalized welcome message.

Personalised printing is a response to the fundamental need of feeling accepted and recognised as a valuable member of the community. What customised printing means, is to tailor each copy to a specific recipient. The use of such technique is extremely versatile. Personalized prints can range from customized invitations with beautifully inked names through leaflets to folders with even more sophisticated personalization. On reading the aforementioned letterheads the recipients will get the impression that they have been written especially for them.

From a technical point of view, personalization can use variable data assigned to a given customer, or assign an individual number or barcode to each customer. However, whatever the case, the goal remains the same. People who receive a welcome letter or an advertisement with their name included in it are supposed to feel a greater involvement of the sender and thus the chances of the recipients’ interest in a given product or advertisement are multiplied.

The purpose of personalisation is to provide each client with a unique experience when they use a certain product or simply read an advertisement or letter. Personalised objects and advertisements create a sense of well-being in the customers even if they are fully aware of the fact of being influenced by these methods aimed solely at persuading them to buy an item or to use a service.

Moreover, by invoking the natural human need for commitment, you can invite the customer to participate in the process of designing products and services. From the point of view of the salesman and the business itself, it is therefore an ideal way to enhance the relationship with the customer.