Delivery of orders

E-commerce, like few other sectors, facilitates international sales. We know this environment well and many of our clients handle orders from Poland, Europe and even the whole world. The world knows no bounds with the e-Packman team!


We understand that sometimes an order has to be shipped to the same city, and sometimes to the other side of the world. That is why we took care of cooperation with couriers operating on the local, Polish and international market. Just tell us which countries you want to send your orders to and we will prepare an offer that guarantees it (at a really attractive price!).


Do you provide your customers with additional services related to the shipment of orders (e.g. express delivery or bringing goods to the apartment)? No problem, we’ll take care of it on your behalf. As part of the integration of our system with your store, we know when the customer orders an additional service. For example, if we receive an order with express delivery, that order is prioritized and processed first. Contact us for details.