Fulfillment for e-commerce: the key to your online store’s success

Fulfillment for e-commerce: the key to your online store’s success

In today’s competitive world of e-commerce, the owner of an online store often struggles in-house with the challenges of: order processing, quantity control, returns handling and merchandise storage.

For many entrepreneurs, using fulfillment services is becoming a solution that brings numerous financial and operational benefits.
E-packman is a team of professionals that realizes this and puts the customer’s success first! So that you can learn about the advantages of using fulfillment for e-commerce, we’ve gathered the answers to the following questions in one place:

  • How does fulfillment work?
  • why should you consider a fulfillment service for your online store?
  • what are the advantages of fulfillment?
  • How much does fulfillment cost for e-commerce?
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What is fulfillment in e-commerce?

Fulfillment, in the context of e-commerce, means managing all stages of order fulfillment, from receiving goods, picking orders, packing orders, to delivering them to customers.
The fulfillment service is available to companies in a variety of industries and can make doing business online much easier. Online store owners can outsource order processing and warehousing of goods to a third-party logistics provider, saving time and reducing business costs.

What stages does fulfillment for e-commerce consist of?

1. implementation

We start by connecting your sales platform to our system. Expect fast integration, because our system connects to all sales platforms, available on the market!

2. acceptance of goods

We arrange transportation and reception of products. They reach our warehouse within 24 hours.

3. storage of goods

any goods are welcome with us! We are prepared for small and delicate products, but also for larger sizes. We tailor the conditions to your requirements.

4. packaging

unusual sizes, shapes of the product? Packaging that, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, is also consistent with the brand’s brand book? How about a customized filling, a personalized ticket? All this you will find in our offer.

5. courier shipping

Sometimes the package travels just a few streets away, other times it travels thousands of kilometers, to a customer on the other side of the world. Regardless of the place of delivery, with us this stage is fast and reliable – each order finds its recipient.

6. handling returns and complaints

The e-commerce business is a capricious industry. It happens that the order did not meet the customer’s expectations. If you choose to work with us, the handling of returns will be on our side.

Financial benefits of fulfillment in e-commerce

  • Saving time: using a fulfillment service allows online store owners to focus on growing their business, instead of dealing with the details of handling orders, packing goods and dealing with courier companies themselves.
  • Better rates: logistics companies such as E-packman, which specialize in fulfillment services, often get competitive rates from courier companies, which can translate into lower delivery costs.
  • Logistics scope: fulfillment offers a full range of logistics, including receiving goods, storing goods, picking orders, packing orders, handling returns and many other services. At E-packman, we know our job. Each stage of the “life” of the package is professionally planned and handled by us.
  • Cost control: fulfillment costs are fixed, making it easier to control the budget. Unlike running your own warehouse, where variable costs can be difficult to predict, fulfillment centers offer a single invoice for all services. E-packman has a clear price list. Entrepreneurs, operating in a variety of industries, who have become our client, cite this as our big advantage.

Why should you consider fulfillment?

  • Are you falling behind on your orders? The numbers of packages shipped and orders placed by customers have exceeded your predictions? Fulfillment can be especially attractive to entrepreneurs like you! Working with a third-party logistics operator avoids the need to hire additional staff to handle orders and focus on strategic operations.
  • It is worth noting that the use of fulfillment service is not limited to e-commerce. Companies in various industries can find a solution to speed up order processing, save time and money, and ultimately reach their customer with better quality products.

Fulfillment at e-Packman – what do you gain by betting on us?

  • You save time because you don’t have to manage the whole process yourself.
  • You don’t pay for empty shelves. With us, costs are flexible, matching the quantity of your products in stock.
  • You don’t stress. Imagine you’re doing the logistics yourself, and the season has arrived, with several or more orders. Ordering materials, hiring additional workers, organizing more space…. We take it upon ourselves!
  • You gain in speed. Your competitiveness in the market increases because you are responding to its needs. Did you know that most customers expect to receive their order the very next day?
  • You operate across borders. Business is booming, and are you thinking about shipping goods overseas? Customs duties, taxes, transshipments, returns – we know how effectively they can discourage expansion outside Poland. We are here to make shipping overseas easier for you! We handle the entire process comprehensively – from packaging to delivery of products to the customer.
  • You give the customer a choice of delivery, and he chooses your store again. With e-Packman, you gain access to a wide range of courier service providers. You offer customers different forms of delivery and better match it to their preferences.

Bet on the best!

Own warehouse, additional services, store system integration – these are just a few arguments that have already convinced many customers. We work every day, both in the office and in the warehouse, to ensure that the fulfillment service stands at the highest level with us.

We are available by phone or email – always ready to explain what steps our order processing, returns handling, complaints, etc. consist of. With us, the saying “The customer is our master” is not just an empty platitude! From logistics we passed with an A:) Contact us and we will make your business easier.

Online store owners

are entrepreneurs who conduct business online, selling products or services through a website. To succeed in e-commerce, they should focus on a few key areas. First, understanding and meeting customer needs by offering quality products or services and providing convenient and secure online transactions. Second, an effective marketing strategy and promotion to attract new customers and retain existing ones. In addition, effective inventory and supply management to ensure fast and reliable customer service. Finally, investing in website development and shopping experience to encourage customers to return and build a positive brand reputation. The combination of these elements can contribute to the success of an online store.

Advantages of a fulfillment service company for online stores

An online store is an increasingly popular way of doing business. The convenience of online shopping, the availability of products from all over the world and competitive prices are just some of the factors that make e-commerce increasingly popular.
Of course, running an online store comes with certain challenges. One of them is logistics. It applies to all processes involved in handling orders, from receiving goods into the warehouse, through picking and packing, to shipping.
For many entrepreneurs, logistics is a complicated and time-consuming issue. It requires having an adequate warehouse, hiring skilled workers and purchasing specialized equipment. As a result, more and more online stores are opting to outsource logistics.

Outsourcing fulfillment

Outsourcing fulfillment is entrusting an external logistics company to handle orders for an online store. This means that a logistics company handles all logistics processes, from receiving goods into the warehouse, through picking and packing, to shipping.
Oznacza to, że firma logistyczna obsługuje wszystkie procesy logistyczne, od przyjęcia towarów do magazynu, poprzez kompletację i pakowanie, aż po wysyłkę. Here are some of them:

Saving time and money

The biggest advantage of outsourcing fulfillment is saving time and money. A logistics company has adequate logistics facilities and skilled employees, which allows it to handle orders more efficiently than an online store on its own.

Provide high quality customer service

Logistics companies providing fulfillment services have extensive experience in handling orders. They are well versed in customer service and current legislation. This allows them to guarantee high quality customer service, which is crucial to the success of an online store.

Possibility to expand the offer

Outsourcing fulfillment can allow an online store to expand its offerings. The logistics company can store and ship goods of different sizes and qualities, allowing the online store to offer a wider assortment.

Focus on business development

Outsourcing fulfillment allows the online store to focus on business development. The entrepreneur does not have to worry about logistical issues, which gives him more time for marketing, sales and new product development.

Tasks of a fulfillment service company

A fulfillment service company typically handles the following tasks:

  • Receipt of goods into the warehouse
  • Quantity and quality control of goods
  • Order picking
  • Packing orders
  • Shipping of orders
  • Handling returns and complaints

Selecting a fulfillment service provider

When choosing a fulfillment service company, there are several factors to consider, such as:

Scope of services

You should check what services the logistics company offers. Some companies only handle packaging and shipping of orders, while others also offer a full range of fulfillment services, including quantity and quality control of goods, handling returns and complaints.


It is worth choosing a company that has extensive experience in handling orders for online stores. As a result, it will be able to provide quality customer service.


If your online store serves customers from all over the country, it makes sense to choose a logistics company located in central Poland. This will result in shorter delivery times for orders.


Of course, price is also important. However, it is important to remember that a cheaper company does not always mean better service.


Outsourcing fulfillment can bring many benefits to an online store. However, the decision to entrust an external logistics company to handle orders should be well thought out. Consider all factors that can affect customer service and business success.