E-Commerce Fulfillment Services

Each company selling physical products directly to consumers via the Internet delivers products as well as provides logistic services through fulfillment, i.e. comprehensive logistic services. Therefore, the term fulfillment is most often associated with e-commerce.

Outsourcing of logistics services

After starting the e-shop website, once you receive orders, you instantly need means to quickly complete them. Faced with this situation, you resolve to help yourself with outsourcing, assigning some or all of the operational activities necessary for the proper functioning of the online store, to an external logistic operator.

The fact is that marketing and sales is only half of the formula for successful online business - the other half is delivering the product to customers. The challenge comes when the number of customers and orders increase, with which delivery and logistics become even more demanding.

Entrepreneurs can outsource the fulfillment and distribution process or carry it out on their own account. Independent performance of all operational activities (including logistics) necessary for the functioning of the sales platform has many limitations and generates problems on many levels - especially so that it reduces the time necessary to focus on the development of sales, marketing, advertising or purchase of new products.

By outsourcing these processes to a logistics operator, the costs of infrastructure and logistics can be reduced and the operational efficiency of retailers and retail stores improved.

E-Packman was founded in order to optimize your processes, costs and, above all, valuable time, by offering full service and comprehensive logistics solutions. These latter are made up of:



That is, receiving full loads of goods, e.g. from a manufacturer of goods indicated to us, as well as realizing deliveries to customers ordering wholesale quantities.

The transport service includes all additional services such as: customs duties, taxes, road/fuel charges.

Having a full base of global carriers, we are able to adjust the means of transport (container/pallet/cardboard packaging) to your cargo and combine it with other cargoes to reduce the overall cost.



We have an adjustable storage space that meets all the requirements of the stored products. We are not limited by space - our warehouse is adapted to store both large and smaller products. In our warehouse we can offer space on racks for small products, high storage racks, as well as full pallet spaces. We also have all the equipment needed for inside-warehouse transport.

We are able to provide an appropriate storage temperature depending on the requirements of each particular product.


packing of orders

Packaging is a complex process consisting of many activities, spanning from collecting products from warehouse shelves, assembling them properly in an order, selecting the right transport packaging, securing with filling material, through addressing, up to the stage of handing over the product to a courier company. We ensure that the goods placed at our disposal are packed with due care in order to avoid damage to the parcel in transit.

Personalised printing

customised print

We are able to provide a service dedicated to all your orders or to specific products sold by your shop. At your request, we attach personalized documents for the final customer, such as an invoice, welcome letter, leaflet, discount code, etc.


delivery by courier or postal service

Distribution or delivery by courier or post - delivery of your products to customers in Poland, Europe, worldwide. First of all, it is based on offering you a full range of methods of distribution of goods through our collaboration with courier companies, parcel machines, pick-up points, kiosks. Our portfolio comprises the leaders of the courier services market such as DHL, DPD, Fedex, UPS, Poczta Polska, Ruch, InPost, TNT, Geis (formerly Kolporter Express - K-Ex).

InPost logo UPS logo Poczta Polska logo DPD logo DHL logo


Depending on your preferences and knowledge of the industry, we are able to select an appropriate "courier" and take responsibility for it. Our great advantage is flexibility - the possibility of changing the courier company even from one day to another.

You can rest assured that, in case of problems hindering one of the operators, we will react quickly by offering deliveries by other, fully functional ones.

Handling of COD amounts.

COD amounts management

In accordance with your needs, we realize the transactions of refundable amounts from customers, payments for the sent products - colloquially speaking, "collection" or COD (cash on delivery). We collect, administer and send total amounts for collected shipments even within 24 hours.

Handling of returned parcels.

management of returned packages

In the case of orders not collected by the recipient, we carry out the pickup and storage of returned shipments. We ensure the quality control of returned goods in order to minimize the possibility of products being damaged during transport.

Returning documents to the sender

Return of documents to sender

We will make sure that important documents return to the sender with the recipient's signature - e.g. a contract signed by the customer.



We provide you with regular reports on the orders sent, collection amounts, complaints, returns, stock levels. We will summarise such information as the number of shipped parcels, including those already delivered, in the process of delivery as well as returned. We will take care of detailing which orders have already been paid for, as well as the current stock of the products entrusted to us by you.



We accept two types of complaints:

  •  lodged with courier companies in the event of damage to the parcel during transport or failure to deliver it on time,
  • sent by customers to you at the warehouse address.

Supply chain optimisation

optimisation of supply chain

Supply chain optimisation is another service that we are able to provide you with. The functions of the supply chain influence the relations with customers, suppliers, as well as the functioning within the whole company. Our goal is to optimize logistics processes so as to build the best possible partnership between various entities, while maintaining the implementation of an optimal operational plan and also based for example on more or less advanced warehouse automation, which will help, among other things, in the standardization of processes. This means that we will show you the strengths and weaknesses of the supply chain, propose and help you to implement tailor-made solutions.

Customs Service

Customs clearance

If necessary, we also guarantee the possibility of customs clearance of products both for import and export to the European Union.



In order to improve our cooperation we use modern IT solutions - we are able not only to guarantee a warehouse system based on barcodes, but also an API connection directly between your website and our warehouse. It operates thanks to tools such as barcodes on products assigned to barcodes of shelves with the help of which we monitor product exits and entries to the stock, and mistakes in sending the wrong products are excluded.

IT tools also allow us to inform the seller and the customer about the status of the order at all its stages, starting from the collection of the order, packaging, shipping, return of the cash-on-delivery sum and complaints.

E-Packman is a company founded on the passion for logistics and the experience gained by our employees at all levels of their careers in this area. Before we took care of the professional support for your business, we had been climbing the career ladder in both the warehousing and courier sectors, as well as in the customs services sector. Thanks to this, we know what a reliable and secure service should look like at each stage of the logistics chain, and thus we are able to guarantee you the highest quality service.