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e-PackMan – modern logistics for e-commerce

Logistics experts that have been working in the management of courier services and warehouses for many years, decided to share their experience and expertise on optimal organization of supply chain with customers.

Professional fulfilment service – shipment operations for e-commerce

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sales in your shop

1. Sales in your shop

Customer places an order in your online shop. It launches the whole process. ->


2. Transportation

Organization of transportation of customer’s goods – all kinds of vehicles


3. Warehousing

Warehousing of customers’ products on racks or pallets


4. Packaging

Purchase of packaging necessary for packing orders (envelopes, cardboards, fillers, tapes etc.)

packing of orders

5. Packing of orders

Preparing and packing orders, according to customer’s request.

customised print

6. Customised print

Customised printing of documents for customer, e.g. Welcome Letter

delivery by courier or postal service

7. Delivery by courier or postal service

Delivery to customers in the territory of Poland, Europe, World.

COD amounts management

8. COD amounts management

Administration, and sending of the return amounts for COD

management of returned packages

9. Management of returned packages

Receipt of missed deliveries with quality control


10. Complaints

Lodging complaints with courier services, concerning damaged or lost packages

Return of documents to sender

11. Return of documents to sender

Return of signed documents “to sender” – administration


12. Reports

Reports of delivered, returned, paid packages, and warehouse inventory.

optimisation of supply chain

13. Optimisation of supply chain

Analysis of logistic supply chains. For better productivity.

Customs clearance

14. Customs clearance

Customs clearance in import/export


15. IT

Warehousing based on bar codes, connection of API with customer/online shop


16. Client Service

E-mail and telephone communication with your client

Price list of logistic services for e-commerce

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Packing of orders✓✓
Customised print✓✓
Delivery by courier or postal service✓✓
Management of returned packages✓✓
Documentation workflow✓✓
COD amounts management✓
Optimisation of supply chain✓
Customs clearance✓

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