New special book offer

New special book offer

Hello Publisher! Hello, Writer!

Do you write books or deal with publishing? Do you have your own store where you sell them? You do not have time to independently supervise the entire delivery process and you lose your nerves with each subsequent complaint or complaint about the courier? With us, you will forget about troublesome formalities once and for all. While you focus on winning new readers’ hearts, the E-Packman team will refine the entire logistics process so that every bookworm can receive a fresh, fresh, ink-smelling new edition of your book on the day of its premiere!

We dedicate our offer to all Authors and Publishers who are looking for an optimal logistics solution tailored to the needs of the book business. For customers who deal with the sale and shipment of books on a daily basis, we have prepared dedicated solutions and logistic packages at attractive prices!

Our e-commerce logistics services are used, sent by and without a doubt recommended by some of the most popular bloggers and travel book authors who travel the world behind the wheel of an old-school Volkswagen T3, i.e. Karol and Aleksandra Lewandowski with “Bus through the World” and Kamil Nowak “Blog Father”, a man who knows probably everything about the world of children’s games, games and creative education.

For our part, we focus on transparency and flexibility. No hidden fees or delays in deliveries. With a package of logistics services for shipping books, you will overtake your readers before they even have time to download the electronic version of the long-awaited novel on the phone or e-book reader. We will make sure that everyone receives their shipment quickly and efficiently. On the day of the premiere, our couriers will deliver the ordered books straight to your readers.

Save yourself time and nerves, and monitor the entire process thanks to reports that we will take care of for you! We take care of all the logistics and organization of the supply chain: from packaging, to storage and inventory, to shipping and monitoring, while you work on the next bestseller!