You don’t have to worry about what your products will be packed in – the e-Packman team selects, purchases and prepares the packaging. Depending on the expectations of our customers and their requirements, we use various packaging methods. Thanks to cooperation with the most important manufacturers of cardboard boxes and fillers, we have access to the best solutions guaranteeing safe transport of shipments.


Is your store eco-friendly? Do your customers pay attention to whether the order came in eco-friendly packaging? It’s great – e-Packman offers ecological packaging and fillers. The solutions we use come from recycling, are reusable or use biodegradable materials. This allows you to minimize the impact of your store on the natural environment.


We have a comprehensive approach to packaging so that you do not have to worry about it. We use fillers, adhesive tapes, warning stickers and other solutions to ensure safe transport. If you want your packages to include something more – e.g. additional protection or inserts – write to us. We are able to guarantee it!