E-commerce packaging for online stores – safely preparing packages for transport to your customers

E-commerce packaging for online stores – safely preparing packages for transport to your customers

Are you looking for a company to work with that you delegate the packing of your online store’s shipments to save you time and worry about nothing? At e-Packman, you can count on a comprehensive, professional service for packing your shipments, because we have several years of experience in serving customers in the e-commerce industry and beyond, so trust us because we know how to prepare your shipments efficiently, safely and always on time!

E-commerce packaging and the types available on the market

At E-Packman, we focus on offering customers e-commerce boxes of the highest quality, which are carefully selected for each order. We also focus on efficient packaging in the spirit of 0 waste, that is, so as not to waste our planet’s resources. To this end, we exploit the potential of every carton in our warehouse and even use them repeatedly. All to take care of the environment. We use various types of corrugated cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, eco-friendly box shipment fillers.

We offer customers various types of proven, safe and sturdy shipping packages in the price of the service, and we always choose them carefully according to the specifics of the packed products to guarantee safety during transportation.

With many years of experience in the field of parcel packaging and the good quality of our packaging, we know exactly how to protect various types of shipments so as not to expose their contents to mechanical damage during transportation. We secure each product with a glue strip, use tested and carefully selected fillings, and make sure that the products reach the recipient safely.

With us, you can be sure that each of your shipments will be thoroughly protected and arrive on time, and we always deliver shipments within the agreed deadlines.

What e-commerce packaging and fillers do we use at e-Packman?

Curious about what boxes, fillers and cartons we use for each package? We use both envelopes, strong and durable corrugated cardboard boxes and foil packs to prepare shipments for customers, and secure shipments with strong packing tapes.

Don’t know which box to choose for a particular product, and you want your customer to receive their order quickly and safely? Leave it to us! Curious about what e-commerce packaging we offer? At e-Packman, we use all types of packaging available on the market – foil packs, cartons, boxes and various types of boxes, which allow us to pack your products quickly, efficiently and safely and deliver them to your customers.

These are various types of carefully selected cardboard boxes, foil packs and boxes designed and tailored to the needs of the e-commerce industry, which allow you to accurately protect the goods in transit. We use strong packing tape, which allows us to carefully secure the goods for transport, so that the packages are properly protected and prepared for the onward journey.

We invite you to check out our offer and see what boxes, cartons and packaging we offer for companies. At e-Packman, we use planet-friendly packaging, so if you care about your customers receiving their orders in eco-friendly packaging – you’re guaranteed it with us!

Eco-friendly packaging of shipments at E-packman

Durable e-commerce packaging in the spirit of 0 waste – a benefit for your customers and the environment

Do you care about your store being perceived by customers as eco-friendly? Did you know that according to statistics, the issue of eco-friendly packaging is important to as many as 82% of e-consumers? This is possible, thanks to properly used eco-friendly packaging. At e-Packman, we give a second life to cardboard boxes, fillers and all packaging products, all to take care of the ecological environment. All of our shipments are packaged so that they reach customers safely, so we take care of the quality of parcel packing materials.

Accurate, efficient and timely packing of shipments for your e-commerce store

In our company, we make sure that each package is properly matched to the customer’s needs, and that is why we match each carton individually to the order. Our packaging is selected individually for each shipment, taking into account the specifics of the product and adapted to the requirements of courier companies. We use strong adhesive tape to ensure that your shipments are as secure as possible, and pack them properly in cartons so that they reach your customers safely.

Discover the benefits of delegating the parcel packing service from your store to e-Packman!

Don’t have the time to look for the right carton yourself, pack the package and take care of the whole process of preparing and shipping orders? Learn about the key benefits of collaborative secondment

  • Saving precious time – with us you don’t have to worry about anything, and you can even forget about the fact that you are running a store, because we will take care of the packing and logistics for you!
  • Concern for the ecological environment is no stranger to us – we are a socially responsible company, which is why we reuse each carton multiple times to avoid wasting the planet’s resources and use available recycled materials for the packaging process. On the other hand, the fillers we use are also eco, such as newspapers, shredder clippings and leftover shredded cardboard, which are ideal for securing our customers’ shipments.
  • We carefully match each package to the specifics of your products – all so that your customers can receive their orders intact, safely and always on time!
  • Professional support and assistance from our experienced team at every stage of order processing – with us you don’t have to think about what packaging and filler to choose for your shipment, because that’s what you have us for!
  • Knowledgeable and appropriate shipping box selection for your products and shipping fulfillment support – not sure which carton will be best for your products, and you want your customer to receive the order quickly? With us, each carton is matched to the specifics of the product, so you do not have to worry about anything in cooperation with us!
  • Packing cartons and packages in the spirit of 0 waste – we use new and used recycled cartons, so eco-friendly e-commerce packaging is no stranger to us! That’s why in our company we even reuse packaging from previously purchased products or stored packages several times to take care of the environment.

Proven fillers and cartons – perfect protection for your orders – only from e-Packman!

Do you want to delegate comprehensive parcel packing for your customers and gain security, fast delivery of parcels, and be sure they will arrive intact? At E-Packman, we guarantee all of this. Do you want to work with a company to which you can delegate the comprehensive service of packing shipments and preparing them for transport? At E-Packman, it’s possible! We use proven box fillers and successfully deliver shipments, while you can get on with what you really enjoy, which is dealing with customers.