Sale in your store

Sale in your store

Speed is what counts in e-commerce. That is why it is so important that information about new orders reaches our warehouse without undue delay. Thanks to advanced software that coordinates the work of the warehouse and enables integration with your store, our team receives information about new orders within a few minutes.


When the warehouse records a notification about a new order, we proceed to its implementation very quickly. At the beginning, the key is to collect the necessary information – what product did the customer order? How many pieces? What are the additional guidelines for the order (e.g. freebies to be added to the package)? Once this is established, our team goes to the right place in the warehouse and begins collecting all the items that need to be in the package.


Once the goods are collected, we hand them over to the people who pack them. Each package is properly secured so that no unauthorized person can get to it and the products inside are not damaged. We pay special attention to delicate products, such as ornaments, electronics and glass elements. When the package is ready, the bill of lading is printed and stuck to it, and the package is handed over to the courier.