Warehousing Warsaw

Warehousing Warsaw

Looking for a warehouse in Warsaw? You’ve come to the right place!

e-Packman offers comprehensive warehousing services, and our rental space is located in Warsaw, actually under Ozarow Mazowiecki. We provide customers with the ability to store goods to a high standard, as we have a premium A+ warehouse. You’ll safely store your goods in our warehouse space, capable of packing up to 10,000 orders a day. At the same time, we treat each client individually. And while it may be hard to believe, warehousing is our passion!

We have a warehouse that will meet your needs

Each product has its own storage requirements. We are prepared for it – we cooperate with clients representing various sectors of the market. Our warehouse is equipped with solid pallet and shelving racks that enable safe storage of both heavy, bulky and small and fragile products. Do you want to know if we can store your products? Contact us and get a specific answer!

Warehousing Warsaw

Heated and ventilated warehouses

Our warehouse meets high quality standards. Thanks to this, it is possible to maintain optimal temperature and ventilation throughout the year. This avoids many problems, such as moisture, which is lethal for many products. Our warehouse is a sturdy structure that meets the highest standards of health, safety and fire safety, is monitored and maintained in order and cleanliness.

Availability of space and service

Customers appreciate the round-the-clock availability of both our team and warehouse space. With us, storage is possible at your fingertips, regardless of the hour or day of the week. Our storage space allows you to conveniently store your goods – deliver them to us whenever you want! And if you have any questions or concerns, you know where to find us.

Warehousing Warsaw Service

Various forms of storage

Each product has its own storage requirements. We are prepared for this – we work with clients, representing very different sectors of the market. Our warehouse is equipped with sturdy pallet and shelf racks that allow safe storage of both heavy, bulky and small and delicate products, and storage is made possible by professional forklifts.

Something more than a magazine

e-Packman offers not only space for rent, but also transportation of goods. Many customers have taken advantage of the comprehensive service and left us to deal with more than just storage. You, too, hand over responsibilities such as running a warehouse, packing goods and delivering them to the designated place, as well as return logistics, to professionals. We have a lot of experience in this, confirmed by positive feedback.

Simple rules, fair contracts

We want to be your partner in business. And as a trusted partner of every customer, we are committed to the highest standards. Our warehouse means security for your products and control over your stored goods. We approach business relationships in the same way. With us, there are no crooks, asterisks and difficult provisions in contracts. The price list is transparent and public. Let’s talk about your company’s needs!

Pricing of storage service and unloading/loading process

The price list for storing goods on pallets may vary depending on a number of factors, such as weight, dimensions, storage time and additional services. Below is an example of a pallet storage price list that can be customized to meet your specific needs:

Pallet storage prices*

number of palletsnet price per day
10-50 szt1,5 zł
51-500 szt1,35 zł
501-1000 szt1,25 zł
>1000 sztindividual pricing

*Example of prices for a EURO pallet with dimensions of 120x80cm, with a height of up to 180cm and a weight of up to 1000kg.
Storage of pallets with other parameters and dimensions is subject to separate pricing.
The cost is charged daily, depending on the date of pallet entry/exit.
Unloading and loading of pallets is done using a ramp-dock or from the floor level, and the example cost is 6-7zl net per 1 pallet. The process also includes recording the goods/pallet in the WMS warehouse system and inserting them into the pallet rack.

Take advantage of our warehouse space today

Are you looking for a high-bay warehouse? We invite you to take a look at our space for rent Warsaw today. Premium warehouse, high-bay warehouse and our team are at your service! Come, call or write to us.

Storage Warsaw? Only with e-Packman!