E-Commerce Warehousing Services

How we warehouse goods

Each of us, on hearing or reading the word "warehouse", imagines a large hall of considerable height and an area larger than a few plots in our closest neighbourhood. Buildings of this type are dedicated to large volumes, stored especially on pallets, and their maintenance costs are enormous, so let's think about the question: Where would it be best to store parcels in order to reduce costs?

Lower storage costs

For an answer to the question about the storage of parcels, it is worth emphasizing what has an impact on the cost of this service. One of the main factors is the cubic volume of the warehoused object. Reducing the size of this factor makes it possible to decrease monthly maintenance costs, and thus offers lower rates for warehousing services for customers, which - as we know - translates to their satisfaction.

Warehouse for Small Parcels

Nowadays, the service of online shops consists mainly of the storage of goods and their broad distribution. In our company, we offer the best conditions on the Polish market: especially for the storage of small, minor products. The approximate sizes of the rooms we have at our disposal are 13m2, 24m2, 40m2 and 50m2. This allows us to adjust the appropriate conditions for the products entrusted to us.

Warehouse for Large Parcels

We provide an adaptable warehouse space, so we can work with any size, quantity and form of product, thanks to which our offer is flexible and we can offer complex services to our customers. Approximate sizes of rooms for storing larger parcels are 80m2, 100m2 and 200m2.

Storage yard

An additional area that we have available for special goods, machines or containers is a storage yard. Its size is approx. 2800 m2.

What does our warehouse look like?

In order to ensure lower rates for our customers, we use objects with a favourable cubic volume ratio in relation to the stored assortment. This means that we operate many facilities that we offer to our customers according to their needs.

Our facilities have been equipped with appropriate storage racks and devices enabling storage and logistic services for our customers.

Each rack and product storage place is labelled with a barcode and is ascribed a unique location name. Every such place has its virtual counterpart in our warehouse system, so customers have access to full information about their goods.

Thanks to such a solution, our warehouse is maintained in tidiness and work is organized in such a way that orders are completed quickly and efficiently.

What equipment do we have, how are our warehouses equipped?

We know that in a warehouse the basis is transport: the relocation of products. For this type of transportation, it is worth using specialized equipment. In order to improve our work, warehouse space is equipped - depending on the size of the room and the needs of employees - with manual pallet-lifts or with forklifts for larger loads. We also have special hand trucks with compartments for products. All these facilities guarantee fast and safe transport of parcels.

What special packaging materials do we have?

In addition to the basic packaging materials, which are cartons, envelopes, bags and adhesive tapes, we use special and dedicated fillers, ranging from air fillers, through plastic materials such as bubble wrap and scraper. We also have cardboard fillers which strengthen the structure of shipments.

For special products with non-standard dimensions, we use custom-made cartons for individual product dimensions.

How are we prepared to handle parcels in e-commerce?

Due to many years of experience in logistics, we know what to do to satisfy the expectations of the customer receiving the parcel. We secure the sent articles professionally and with attention to detail. We make every effort to ensure that the goods reach the final recipient in the right condition and quantity, using for this purpose packing instructions for the specific products, specialized packaging, fillers and protectors, as well as investing in the necessary training for our employees.

Where to send a question about the storage services?

As can be seen, our experience and work organization translates to satisfaction of our customers and willingness to cooperate.


If you too want to join the group of satisfied customers, write to us at info@e-packman.com or contact us via the contact form.

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