New client – blog ojciec

Kamil Nowak– author of the widely read blog, in which he addresses the issues of parenthood. A trained teacher, he provides advice to parents on how best to deal with their children. In his waters and in his upbringing, he always tries to approach issues with a distance. He draws from a lot of experience in advising how to be the best parent to your children. For this, he uses the experience of both his own and other parents.

He tries to acquire the most important in him. As he says about himself, „he believes that just as children learn from their parents, parents can learn many things from their children.” She tries to ensure that each party has both benefit and pleasure from parenting. It teaches to be open to the needs of the child, and the upbringing was not based on the old violence scheme and the system of punishments and rewards, but allowed the parents to teach the child and help him develop. He tries to provide support, understanding, helps parents to get to know themselves and the way in which a child should be brought up. In his opinion, the key to proper parenting lies in setting the right boundaries and rules by talking to your child and explaining why you should or should not act one way or another.

The author of the book „Ideal parent does not exist”, in which he contains his own, over ten years of parenting experience, additionally supported by the experience of other people with whom he had the opportunity to cooperate and with whom he had contact while running his blog. His publications can be found in Empik stores. It also has its own publishing house and shop selling books and games. They are carefully selected and can be an invaluable help in raising a child or be a great entertainment during family evening game sessions. Board games are especially noteworthy here, thanks to which parents will have a good time with their children and at the same time allow them to tighten ties between family members.