New subcontractor - Aramex

We are pleased to announce that from April 2021 r. Aramex joined the group of our subcontractors

An international logistics and courier organization, founded as an express operator in the United Arab Emirates in 1982 in Amman, Jordan. Currently, their headquarters are in Dubai, and moreover, they can boast nearly 600 branches in 65 different countries around the world.

Mapa zasiegu Aramex

The main area of ​​their activity is export on an international and local scale, which is helped by openness to innovation and the ability to adapt to difficult market conditions. In addition to exporting goods, Aramex is doing great in the retail services, e-commerence and logistics sectors. Thanks to their flexibility, they can also develop new, pioneering products and services, and quickly respond to the needs of their consumers around the world. They mediate in the supply chain as couriers, inter alia, at the last level of deliveries.

They have also managed to reduce their carbon footprint since 2020 through brilliant and substantial investments in renewable energy, electric vehicles and increasing energy awareness within their company, as they highlight in their sustainability report. They combine passion and an entrepreneurial spirit at work, which results in the sustained high level of satisfaction of their customers around the world. They believe that every entrepreneur can achieve more, thanks to which nothing is impossible for them.