We have been providing logistic and courier services on the Polish market since 2018. We not only send and store goods, but also make sure that their delivery is efficient and safe. We also support e-commerce on a daily basis. The most important for us are the satisfaction and trust of our customers, so we try to ensure that your customers do not have to wait long to pick up the shipment, so we are looking for a new warehouse that will allow us to organize the logistics process even better.

What are we looking for?

I am happy to use the offer of renting an A + class warehouse in northern Warsaw or its vicinity. Storage space up to 500 m is preferred2to 600 m2, modern and at least 5 meters high, to enable us to build a shelf mezzanine. The floor inside the warehouse should be clean and dust-free. A heated warehouse would be a dream come true. It’s great if it will be equipped with a ramp or gate 0, which will allow us to speed up the process of receiving and loading parcels in order to be able to fulfill as many orders as possible in the shortest possible time (and break new records at the same time)! The possibility of expanding the hall in a relatively short time, if needed, is also welcome. It is also desirable to have a small office for about 4 people, located inside or directly adjacent to the hall. We want to use everything for packaging, storage and fulfillment purposes. We will want to rent a warehouse from May or June for a price of up to PLN 9,999 (PLN 17 / m2). Potential contractors regarding the announcement, please contact our office.