New customer – Busem Przez Świat

If you ever see an oldschool, colorful Volkswagen T3 flash before your eyes, you should know that it is none other than Karolina and Aleksandra Lewandowski – Polish travelers and bloggers. They publish their accounts of travels around the world on the blog „Bus By World”. So far, both of them can boast having visited at least 60 countries around the world. They have been living the life of travelling nomads for almost a decade and have written 8 different books – from guides for future travellers to vademecum for newlyweds. They also run a retail business. On their website you can find a store where you can buy books, maps, mugs, travel and movie gear and many other inspiring gadgets that will win the heart of every traveler!

In addition, the bloggers of Bus Through The World are known for their online training and courses on film, travel and business. They share their stories and travel knowledge not only online, but also frequently and willingly organize events at universities, schools and participate in various festivals. Traveling and speaking is their passion and way of life, it allows them to explore and travel the world behind the wheel of a colorful bus. Thanks to their activities, they have managed to win three prestigious awards (including one from the prominent science magazine National Geographic) and a nomination for a travel award.