Daily record of packed packages
11.11.2021 - 2130 pieces!

We have been operating on the market of logistics services for e-commerce since 2018, and the service of our clients’ orders includes, among others storage of goods as well as packing and shipping. We try to ensure that your customers never have to wait long for the ordered products, so we make sure that the parcels reach the recipients as soon as possible.

Packing and off you go!

From the moment when cardboard boxes with several thousand books came into our hands, we started a hard and at the same time fast packing action. Exactly on November 11, 2020. we broke our record in the execution of orders for our clients. On that day, the e-Packman team turned upside down and did their best to pack and send exactly 2,130 parcels for you in a few hours at an express pace! But that’s not all … For us, development in response to meeting the needs of our clients is definitely something more than just a hackneyed business phrase – for us it is the personality of our brand. Thanks to you, we have the opportunity to create new business models, plan more effectively and execute orders faster. In 2021. e-Packman team raises the bar and takes up the challenge in which we plan to break the last record by as much as 100% compared to the previous year and show what we can do by packing as many as 4,260 packages for you! set, Go!